Call Now to Schedule Your Spring Start-Up

The weather is getting warmer and the spring flowers and grasses are starting to grow and bloom. Now is the time to schedule the spring start-up of your irrigation and lighting systems.

Be sure to ask us about our Annual Maintenance Plans which will keep your irrigation system running smoothly and provide the right amount of water to nourish your landscape. Call to schedule an appointment today to have your system turned on, tested and adjusted for the early spring growing season.

Don’t forget your outdoor lighting.  After exposure to all the wind and elements as well as plant growth a spring service will ensure your home or business will be beautifully illuminated.

Appointment times are filling up fast, make the call today, 410-721-4070.

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Committed to Our Troops

caring for troops annapolisFor military families, life can be especially challenging when a loved one is serving our country overseas. Trying to keep everything running smoothly can seem overwhelming: working, taking care of the children, running errands, maintaining the household. But people want to lend a helping hand and make life a little easier during this difficult time.

Although caring for the lawn may seem like a minor detail, it can be a major hassle when a loved one is away from home.

Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation is proud to participate in Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops program. 

The program provides free lawn maintenance to military families in which the major breadwinner is serving overseas. To date, the program has helped 8,000 military families through a national network of 2,200 volunteers. The program has received national attention and has even been featured on NBC Nightly News and the NBC Weekend Today Show.  Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation is aerating and over seeding the lawns of our deployed troops to help their families keep up with the lawn maintenance during their absence.

“At Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation, we support our troops,” says Dianne Flury, president, Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation. “That’s why we’re involved with Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops. While our men and women are overseas protecting us, we help by aerating and over seeding their lawns. We are proud to participate in the program. It’s a great opportunity to help others and give back to the community.”

Military families with a loved one who is deployed are welcome to participate in Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops program., all you need to do is submit a form.   If a volunteer is available in your area, you’ll be notified. The GreenCare for Troops program is a voluntary effort that relies solely on the good will and generosity of businesses and individuals.

GreenCare for Troops is the signature program of Project EverGreen, whose mission is to preserve and enhance green space in our communities for today and future generations. The nationwide outreach program connects local green industry professionals with men and women who are away from home because they are serving our country in the military.  You can learn more about Project EverGreen

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Water Saving Tips – Part 2


OK, so you’ve been turning off the water while brushing your teeth, good for you!  But, there are some more things you can do to conserve water.

10 More Water Saving Tips for Your Home

  1. Got a newer dishwasher?  Cut back on rinsing as newer models clean much better than older models.
  2. Insulate your hot water pipes so that it doesn’t take as long for water to get hot at the tap.
  3. Score 2 points by dropping your tissue in the trash can instead of the toilet.
  4. Older toilet, installed before 1980?  Place a bottle filled with water in the tank.  This will reduce the amount of water used for each flush without interfering with its operation.
  5. Turn off the water while shaving and save more than 100 gallons a week.
  6. Whether at home or a hotel, consider reusing your towels instead of fresh daily towels.
  7. Reduce the number of loads of laundry you run by making sure all loads are full.
  8. Drop your ice?  Toss it in a plant vs, the sink.
  9. Compost instead of using your garbage disposal.  You can then use the compost for free fertilizer.
  10. Test your shower to see if it’s water efficient, place a 1-gallon bucket in the shower and if it fills in less than 20 seconds, install a water-efficient shower head.

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Great Job Atlantic Team!

AtlanticCongrats to the entire Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation team on receiving the Superior Service Award from Angie’s List for 2011.

We were honored with this award for exceptional customer service for irrigation in both the Baltimore and Washington DC markets.

It’s all due to our great team of sales and design pros, installers and service techs and our office staff who keep it all running smoothly.

If you’re looking for an irrigation or landscape lighting company, you can feel confident that Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation will handle your job professionally from start to finish.

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Water Saving Tips

water saving tipsRunning a water efficient home is not as hard as you might think.  With a few simple changes, you can reduce your water consumption by thousands of gallons.  The result is Continue reading

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It’s a Great Time to Install Landscape Lighting

landscape lightingYour sprinklers are winterized and you’re snuggling inside but driving down your driveway has you a little nervous inside.

Chase Away the Darkness with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting will help chase away the dark and make your home an inviting respite for winter travelers.  Not to mention, you’ll enjoy your outdoor spaces much more come spring.

Decks and patios become outdoor rooms and and perfect for entertaining with cozy, mood setting lighting.

Beautiful landscape lighting  fixtures cast warm and inviting glows on walkways, steps and sidewalks.  Increasing safety and curb appeal of your home.

Trees and architecture that disappear at night will become the focal point as the sun sets each evening.

landscape lightinglandscape lighting
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Winterization of Irrigation System Appointments Now Being Taken

winterization of irrigation systemYes, it’s that time of year again and winterization of irrigation systems is critical to prevent freezing and damage.

The weather is starting to cool and leaves will soon begin to fall.  You want to winterize your system before any potential freezing may occur.

We are now accepting appointments to handle the proper winterization of your sprinkler system.  You can call our office at 410.721.4070 or use our convenient Schedule an Appointment page to notify our scheduling department you are ready to set a time.

Proper winterization of an irrigation system will protect your pipes underground, the valves, the sprinkler heads and the controller from bursting when the temperatures dip below freezing.

We’ll need to have access to the main water valve (usually in the basement) and the controller (usually in the garage.)  We use air compressors to remove all the water from the lines and system so that it will not freeze and burst during the cold Maryland winter.

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Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation Proud to Honor 9/11 Victims and Heroes

Atlantic Lighting & IrrigationAtlantic Lighting & Irrigation was honored to help make Anne Arundel County’s 9/11 Memorial a reality.  The memorial features twisted metal and rubble from the World Trade Center’s after their collapse in 2001.  Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation was proud to help make the memorial possible by providing the misting/irrigation system that represents the  dust and smoke that happened when the towers fell that frightful day.

“We hope that this memorial offers survivors a place to come and feel a bit closer to their loved ones,” remarked Dianne Flury, president of Atlantic Lighting and Irrigation.

The 9/11 Memorial is on Veteran’s Highway in front of the Anne Arundel County Police Station.  Private donations for the project exceeded $40,000 and local companies  who donated more than $80,000 in labor and material and Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation was honored to be asked to assist.

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Did You See Us in The Capital?

A bittersweet article about the passing of our founder, Steven H. Flury and the arrival of Mary Sears to round out the company’s leadership.  After leaving her engineering job, Mary has taken the role of vice president and is leading the company along side her mother, Dianne Flury.

With Atlantic recently being voted as Annapolis’ Best Outdoor Lighting Contractor, these two ladies have proven that pulling together after such a loss can strengthen both bonds and businesses.

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Thank you Annapolis for naming Atlantic Best Outdoor Lighting Contractor

Best Outdoor Lighting ContractorWe had such a great time at the Best of Annapolis party hosted by What’s Up? Magazine.  We were honored to be amongst some of Annapolis’ and the Eastern Shore’s finest businesses.  The event showcased the food of many of the winning restaurants, great musicians and other entertainers that made you feel like you were in Paris.  The silent auction was quite impressive.  All in all, we were honored to be named Best Outdoor Lighting Contractor and now the plaque you see here is proudly displayed in our office.

From left to right:  Mike Hanley, Dianne Flury, Mary Sears and Nathan Smith.

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